TAMA was originally ideated as a “memecoin with a mission”: security and highly desirable tokenomics to holders (through trading rewards, ever-increasing liquidity, and deflation), all the while building up warchest for charity. That mission today still rings clear, and we will continue to build products that support our mission while tangibly benefiting our TAMA community.

Today we’re excited to share some news and what the future looks like for TAMA!

First off we have finalized our audit with HashEx! …

Stay up to date with all $TAMA links here: https://tama.finance

Join us on telegram: https://t.me/tamafinance

Always check the token address : 0x0f1c6791a8b8d764c78dd54f0a151ec4d3a0c090

Tamarin is a new token launching on BSC, inspired by Safemoon, aiming to improve on the model in 3 key ways: safety, charity, and sustainability.


Numerous changes have been introduced to make Tamarin a more safe experience than Safemoon: both by fixing all functional issues noted in the Safemoon Certik audit and by adding a few more guardrails.

  1. LP tokens gained from automatic liquidity additions are sent to a dead address rather than the contract owner
  2. Immediately…


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