Introducing the Tamarin token
3 min readMay 18, 2021


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Tamarin is a new token launching on BSC, inspired by Safemoon, aiming to improve on the model in 3 key ways: safety, charity, and sustainability.


Numerous changes have been introduced to make Tamarin a more safe experience than Safemoon: both by fixing all functional issues noted in the Safemoon Certik audit and by adding a few more guardrails.

  1. LP tokens gained from automatic liquidity additions are sent to a dead address rather than the contract owner
  2. Immediately after deployment of the liquidity pool, ownership of the contract will be transferred to a TimelockController owned by a protocol multisig (3/4). All ownerOnly calls on the contract must have at least a 24 hour delay, allowing any individual to observe in advance what actions are being taken on the contract.
  3. Upper bounds have been set on all fees, with the maximum total fee set at 10%. Meaning even a malicious owner could not dramatically increase fees.
  4. A new multisig-only function to rescue BEP20 tokens, excluding wBNB and TAMA, has been added to the contract to help fix user errors in accidental sends to the contract.
  5. A new multisig-only function to take any wBNB or BNB accrued in the contract, market buy TAMA, and send to the dead address. This is to fix a SAFEMOON issue of inaccessible BNB balance.
  6. A new multisig-only function to zap any TAMA sent into the contract into liquidity; LP tokens are sent to the dead address.


  1. A new charity fee (max 2%, default 1%) has been added to the contract. This forwards its fees to a 4/5 multisig with majority doxxed members. This wallet will be used to periodically release funds to charity that the community has agreed to and run events/livestreams utilizing those funds.
  2. Rather than burn 47% of supply, we have instead opted to take 10% of supply and send it to three timelocked contracts accessible by the address. 2% of the supply will be locked for 10 years, 3% for 25 years, and 5% for 50 years. We believe this is a long term bet on the protocol and a better alternative to a full burn.
  3. 2% of the initial token allocation is being sent to the 4/5 charity multisig to seed initial discretionary charity.


  1. Long term charity vaults, pancakeswap LP, and the DXSale address will all be excluded from receiving rewards. The dead address will be included in rewards distribution as a deflationary mechanism for Tamarin.
  2. We believe our fee structure balances the goals of Tamarin. We intend on a 1% fee to charity, a 3% fee to rewards, and a 4% fee to liquidity for a grand total of 8% per transaction.

We’re excited to launch this project and look forward to meaningfully impacting lives via giving back.

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Our presale filled up in just a few hours and we hit our 500 BNB hardcap!

Launch of the pool went off without a hitch

Claim presale tokens here and see locked liquidity: