TAMA Audit Completion, Product Roadmap, and more!

3 min readJun 14, 2021


TAMA was originally ideated as a “memecoin with a mission”: security and highly desirable tokenomics to holders (through trading rewards, ever-increasing liquidity, and deflation), all the while building up warchest for charity. That mission today still rings clear, and we will continue to build products that support our mission while tangibly benefiting our TAMA community.

Today we’re excited to share some news and what the future looks like for TAMA!

First off we have finalized our audit with HashEx! We’re very happy with the results and believe we have the best balance of security and flexibility available for this style of token.

TAMA has always been centered around longevity, which is why we’re excited to share our vision of the future today in the new Product Roadmap.

Early Q3 2021:

TAMA Charity Raffles and Charity Vaults (Testing, Review, Deployment):

Rather than your standard PCS style lottery, we envision a system rewarding to both users and charity. Each raffle will be ran in the name of a single charity approved by the community (and the organization in question). The initial pot for charity raffles will be seeded by the TAMA Charity Multisig and additional funds raised through ticket purchases will be contributed to the same pot. Raffle tickets will be issued as NFTs, forever commemorating your contributions to that specific cause. Raffle prizes can be dynamic, including NFT rewards, TAMA rewards, and arbitrary BEP20 token rewards.

The second critical piece of the puzzle is our Charity Vaults. We intend on the raise from the Raffle granting a mixture of immediate and vested funds to the target charity. The vaults will manage these funds and only be interactable by a verified address of the charity in question. We will work with these organizations to setup safe wallets or multisigs to interact with the vaults.

Lastly, we are looking to bring on some paid team members in Q3 to help shepherd the growth of TAMA to the next stages. We are also actively looking at marketing partners that are aligned with our long term mission.

Later Q3 2021:

Revamped frontend to deal with all web3 interactions, including: raffle entry and status, vault monitoring, and deeper TAMA statistics. We’d like to make every aspect of the TAMA charity ecosystem as transparent as possible.

Focus on partnerships: we’re looking not to work just with charities but also other BSC defi protocols or NFT projects that are interested in running raffles built on top of our contracts. We believe this is a rich space for partnerships and have already engaged in discussions in this direction. We will also be looking to collaborate with artists that have an interest in supporting the same causes that we do.

Keep an eye out this week for an announcement of our first Snapshot governance vote, to decide on funding allocations for our upcoming initiatives.

With the completion of our audit, we are looking to ramp up our engagement across socials and within our Telegram and soon to be discord communities. To that effect, we are actively seeking paid help in this area! If you are an excellent community manager and/or know how to sustain great twitter engagement please reach out to us @TamarinToken on twitter or by email at tamarintoken@protonmail.com.

Please join us in Telegram https://t.me/tamafinance

Check out our website: https://tama.finance